Legalweek 2020

SecureReview Sponsors LegalWeek 2020

Join us at booth #3231 for live demos

New York, NY — January 20, 2020 — SecureReview is proud to sponsor Legalweek 2020 and the Legaltech conference at the New York Hilton Midtown from February 4 to 6, 2020. Legaltech is the world’s largest and longest running trade show for legal technology. SecureReview’s powerful suite of security solutions will be on display at booth #3231, with live demos on demand. 

SecureReview’s best practice information security solution prevents data hacks, leaks and compromises in a world where data breaches are on the rise. In the first half of 2019, 3,813 breaches exposed over 4.1 billion records. Compared to the first half of 2018, reported breaches were up 54%.

SecureReview is state-of-the-art security infrastructure dedicated to your matter. Maintain the strongest available cybersecurity posture between eDiscovery vendors and clients, 24 hours a day.

Protection for the Last 18 Inches of the Internet

Multiple layers of detection prevent workarounds. SecureReview’s newly launched SessionGuardian cybersecurity tool is groundbreaking end-point protection for sensitive data. Using revolutionary biometric AI technology, SessionGuardian protects the last 18 inches of the internet (that’s the distance between the screen and your eyes).

SessionGuardian will also enforce no-cell phone policies in restricted areas when integrated with approved cell phone intrusion detection devices.

With the rapid increase of legal contractors, remote work policies and outsourced labor, attorneys and their clients are in dire need of a completely locked down environment for document review. “We are thrilled to provide the legal community with a product that dramatically reduces the risk of data breaches,” said SecureReview founder Jordan Ellington. “The technology we’ve developed is unlike any other cybersecurity solution on the market today.”

About SecureReview

SecureReview, founded in 2017, provides a high-performance, project-specific virtual PC service. Corporate legal departments, law firms, document review staffing agencies, and e-discovery data hosting providers use SecureReview to greatly reduce the risk of confidential information disclosure, data loss, and malicious attacks on document review systems. With SecureReview, informational artifacts of the document review process are never downloaded to local computers in the agency. SecureReview works in concert with all of your legal technology solutions to provide best in class protection. For more information about SecureReview, visit or email You can also contact SecureReview here.


For Your Eyes Only: Novel Security Software Helps Prevent Privacy Breaches

Do you know who’s looking at your documents? Boost your security protocols with SecureReview’s SessionGuardian.

NEW YORK (PRWEB) December 05, 2019

Now there’s a revolutionary way to prevent data hacks, leaks and compromises. SessionGuardian is groundbreaking end-point protection software for sensitive data. Only an authorized user can view the document. When the user looks away, the screen blurs. If someone looks over the user’s shoulder, the screen blurs. If a user tries to take a screenshot, the screen blurs. And that’s just the start of what SessionGuardian can do.

SecureReview provides leading law firms and corporations locked-down virtual workspaces to secure sensitive files that are shared with external users. To further strengthen a client’s security posture, SecureReview developed SessionGuardian.

According to SecureReview’s founder Jordan Ellington, “There have been many security breaches due to the proliferation of BYOD devices and NSA level malware. Screen scraping, key logging and other exploits have challenged information security compliance, especially for organizations that work with vendors and contractors on sensitive documents, even those encrypted with the latest data loss prevention software.”SessionGuardian’s industry-leading security features include:


  • Eyes-Only security using biometric AI
  • Block screen sharing, screenshot and key logging software
  • Display watermarks across users’ computer screens
  • Restrict applications that can run during a SecureReview session
  • Restrict users’ computer IP address


SecureReview was founded in 2017 to help legal, financial and life sciences organizations protect sensitive data with a transparent layer of security. SecureReview protects document reviews, investigations, translations, deals, audits, and any situation where organizations share extremely sensitive files with external users, while meeting stringent corporate IT and regulatory security requirements. SecureReview is a proud sponsor of the 2020 LegalTech Conference.

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