Ensure private stays private.

According to the American Bar Association, the bigger the law firm, the greater the risk of a security breach. Nearly a third of firms with over 100 attorneys have had a cybersecurity incident. All it takes is a lost or stolen computer or smartphone, a hacker, a break-in, or a website exploit. Reduce risk for your clients. Don’t wait until it’s too late. There’s a solution.

In the global economy, legal documents travel the world. Contractors. Subcontractors. Lawyers. Paralegals. Outsourced legal work creates risk. The law firm you hire may use contract attorney staffing agencies.

Think of all the eyes on confidential documents. That’s a lot of opportunity for document leaks.

Corporate legal departments, law firms, document review staffing agencies, and e-discovery data hosting providers use SecureReview to greatly reduce the risk of confidential information disclosure, data loss, and malicious attacks on document review systems.

Secure>Review provides a high-performance, project-specific virtual PC service. With SecureReview, informational artifacts of the document review process are never downloaded to local computers in the agency. Effectively isolate sensitive discovery information. Significantly decrease security risks associated with every project.

SecureReview works in concert with all of your legal technology solutions to provide best in class protection.