SecureReview is an innovative new security platform that enables unprecedented information security and performance for document review projects.

Corporate legal departments, law firms, document review staffing agencies, and e-discovery data hosting providers can all use SecureReview to greatly reduce the risk of confidential information disclosure, data loss, and malicious attacks on their document review systems.

Secure your next document review project with SecureReview.

The Challenge

Document review vendors and contract attorney staffing agencies often utilize dozens, even hundreds, of Internet-connect PCs with various configurations and with varying levels of performance and security profiles.  Real information security risks emerge as sensitive discovery documents are often cached on the PCs and can even be downloaded by the review attorneys and agency staff onto their PCs. The document review team’s access to unauthorized and unmanaged email systems and other software applications downloaded to the PCs all present significant security risks, and divert attention from the document review process as well.

Document Review Computers
Document Review Computers

The Solution

SecureReview provides a high-performance, project-specific virtual PC service and ensures that all the informational artifacts — cached documents, search terms, custodian’s names — of the document review process are never downloaded to local computers in the agency, effectively isolating sensitive discovery information and significantly decreasing the security risks associated with the project.

SecureReview partners with contract attorney staffing agencies, law firms, corporate legal departments, and e-discovery data service providers to enable consistent, highly secure document review infrastructure.

SecureReview limits reviewer access to the websites and services requested by the client.

A matter-specific email address ensures secure collaboration between the Law Firm and the contractor review team.



SecureReview desktops use best practice security configurations including data encryption at rest and are hosted in secure FedRAMP / ISO27001 / ISO27017 / ISO27018 / SOC 1,2,3 compliant facilities.

SecureReview supports IP Authentication, Multi-Factor Authentication and SSO with Enterprise accounts.


Detailed activity logs enable SecureReview administrators to access reviewer performance metrics including daily, weekly and monthly time reports.

SecureReview compiles experience and review metrics across matters, vendors and review attorneys helping drive efficiency and quality of future reviews over time.



SecureReview provides Law Firms that work with multiple vendors with increased situational awareness through an optional portal that aggregates review status on multiple matters and vendors with instant updates.

SecureReview is compatible with any 3rd party e-discovery review application and will run on any PC or Mac workstation.

windows mac chromebook


SecureReview offers 24 x 7 technical support
better than 99.99% uptime

Our Project Managers will get your matter specific review desktops up and running within a few hours for any size review project.

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